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Retreat Schedule


Central Minnesota TEC is now open and accepting applications for future TEC retreats. After a 14-month COVID break, we look forward to welcoming you to TEC. Apply early as we are anticipating a lot of interest.

Upcoming Central Minnesota TEC Weekends

CM622 (Fri) Aug 13 - (Sun) Aug 15, 2021Weekend Full
CM623 (Fri) Oct 22 - (Sun) Oct 24, 2021Accepting All Ages (16+)
CM624 (Fri) Nov 26 - (Sun) Nov 28, 2021Accepting All Ages (16+)
CM625 (Wed) Dec 29 - (Fri) Dec 31, 2021Accepting All Ages (16+)
CM626 (Sat) Jan 15 - (Mon) Jan 17, 2022Accepting All Ages (16+)
CM627 (Sat) Feb 19 - (Mon) Feb 21, 2022Accepting All Ages (16+)
CM628 (Sat) Mar 12 - (Mon) Mar 14, 2022Accepting All Ages (16+)
CM629 (Sat) Apr 09 - (Mon) Apr 11, 2022Accepting All Ages (16+)

The retreat starts at 10:00 AM on the first day and ends around 6:00 PM on the last day.

If a weekend is noted as "Full", no more applications are being accepted for that particular weekend. If a weekend is noted as "Special Needs", that weekend is a unique TEC experience for those with special needs and is not open to the general public.


On-line Application

This application can be completed on-line.

Printable Application

This application can be printed, completed, and then sent to the TEC Office. The address is located on the application.


Contact the TEC Office for more information:

p:(320) 532-4455

e: info@cmtec.org