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What is TEC?

TEC is back! There is space available on the next TEC retreat. Sign up today for a weekend you will cherish forever. Schedule can be found here.

What happens at TEC?

Participants experience the message of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ through participation in music, discussions, talks, prayer, Scripture, liturgy, and celebration.

Each of the days of the retreat has a central theme:

"Die Day" is the first day - a day centered on the death of Jesus Christ. On "Die Day", participants reflect on many different aspects of their lives, focusing on better relationships with God, self, and others.

"Rise Day" is the second day - a joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On "Rise Day", participants celebrate the presence of God's love in their lives.

"Go Day" is the third day - a day which explores the continuous call to spread the Good News. On "Go Day", participants recognize and prepare to carry forth the message of Jesus Christ.

A CENTRAL MINNESOTA TEC weekend works to build spiritual growth through participation in group activities. Although some time is given for prayer and reflection, the emphasis throughout the weekend is on group participation.


Retreats are open to youth and adults. Youth must be  a least years old 16. Most weekends are comprised of two-thirds youths and one-third adults.

Weekends are predominantly staffed and attended by people within the Catholic Diocese of St. Cloud, although people from other areas of Minnesota, other states, and even foreign nations have attended.

Though a Catholic retreat, non-Catholics are welcome and do participate.


The three day retreat costs $95, which includes lodging and meals. A non-refundable $30 deposit is requested with the application.  The balance is due upon arrival at the TEC Center.  If it would be more convenient, payment in full may be sent in with the application.

I definitely didn't expect anything like this. I felt so welcome here and accepted for who I am. I found God in these three short days.

I didn’t want to come to TEC. Now, as the weekend concludes, I don’t want to leave.

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